Ballou Education Services

Customized Advocacy & Consulting Services


Review of Records
A comprehensive review of records will allow Ballou Education to understand your child’s educational history, what services have been provided, your child’s strengths and needs, what the school has done to address your child’s individual education, and any issues that may exist with the current education plan for your child. The review of records will be followed by a telephone call to discuss the analysis of your child’s education.

Telephone Consultations
Telephone consultations are important for you and Ballou Education to discuss current issues or concerns with your child’s education.  After the initial consultation, Ballou Education will conduct a full records review and go over the following information:

  • Analysis of your child's educational strengths and needs
  • Suggested accommodations and/or modifications
  • Suggested educational goals
  • What may be missing in the IEP or areas that need to be changed
  • Questions that need to be asked at the IEP meeting
  • Questions you may have
  • A detailed plan for action

In addition, telephone consultations are always available for any questions that may arise about your child’s individual education plan.  Ballou Education is here to answer your questions and provide knowledgeable feedback.

Meeting Attendance
Parents of students with special needs will be asked to attend many different meetings with professionals at the school.  Sometimes school meetings can be stressful or overwhelming, especially if a parent disagrees with the school's action or position.

Meetings should be held at a time that is convenient for parents.  Reasonable notice should be given to prepare for a meeting.  Parents are entitled to bring an advocate to any meetings held at the school.  Ballou Education is prepared to attend meetings with you to advocate for your child’s appropriate individual education.

Ballou Education provides the following services and is ready to assist in the following meetings: 

  • 504 Meetings
  • IEP Meetings
  • FBA/BIP Meetings
  • Bullying Concerns
  • Parent Teacher Conferences
  • Observations
  • Transition Meetings
  • Manifestation Meetings
  • Disciplinary Due Process Hearings
  • Resolution Meetings

Parent Support
Many parents just want some guidance to review an IEP or an email, advice on school placement, help to formulate questions or handouts for a school meeting, make connections with community resources, or suggest new strategies for obtaining needed services.  Ballou Education is here to support you and your family in all areas related to education.