Client Testimonials
By the time that you know you need an advocate to help your family and your child, obviously you have been down a long tough road.  When we met with Tamara and told her our story, it was instantly reassuring that she understood what we had been through and instantly had a plan and was moving on it.  She took the time to listen to us, know our family and our son.  She made a plan and hit the ground running and really saved us in a situation that not only were not experts in nor ever thought we would be in that situation.  I have already recommended Tamara to anyone I have come across needing advocate services and will continue to do so, hands down.  It is unfortunate that anyone would need an advocate, but if you do, Tamara is the one to call.
Jennifer R. (Chandler, AZ)

We struggled for years to understand our rights and advocate effectively for our daughter until we hired Tamara Ballou as our Educational Advocate.  She gave us the support, guidance and superior advocacy to navigate a very difficult process in trying to get a fair IEP in place and implemented.  We simply cannot imagine ever going into another IEP meeting without her.  She has been like an angel to our family and especially for our daughter who now has what we had always dreamed of – a fair chance at an appropriate education. Your biggest fan Lara S. (Tucson, AZ)

Finding Tamara has alleviated so much stress.  As a family with a special needs daughter, we didn't know how to approach and change the problems we faced at her school.  Having such a knowledgeable advocate has helped us help our daughter. She understands the necessary steps to take and speaks eloquently and with clear precision.  We no longer feel panicked at school meetings.  Thank you Tamara!
Christina R. (Tucson, AZ)

I am a dyslexic tutor and my first advice to all my clients is to contact Tamara Ballou immediately.  The best thing we did in our education journey was to contact Tamara.  I only wish I would have contacted her sooner.  She is so incredibly helpful, so incredibly knowledgeable, and so incredibly helpful.  Call her now, it will be the best thing you ever do.  
Kim C. (Suprise, AZ)

My son Matthew was diagnosed with dyslexia and ADHD in 2009. The current school he was attending offered very little to no help when it came down to providing any resources to accommodate his disabilities. This led to Matthew becoming anxious, frustrated, and depressed. The doctor who diagnosed my son referred me to Tamara Ballou who is an educational advocate. Within a year she was able to get the school to pay for all of Matthew’s accommodations. Right away we have seen an immense improvement in his academic achievements. Matthew is now a senior in high school and is in the top 20 percent of his class. Through trials and tribulation Tamara successfully navigated us through the complex road of special education and educational law in order to obtain the resources that were needed to help my son advance in his education. The progress made was astonishing. We are beyond grateful to have Tamara along our side and highly recommend her for any educational advocacy.
Flora and Mike S. (Phoenix, AZ)

Tamara has been worth a million times her cost as an educational consultant and advocate to my son and our family.  I cannot imagine how our lives would be without having met her.  My son has significant learning disorders and experienced complete failure of the public school system’s Special Education to provide him a tailored education that met his needs.    He failed to read by the age of 12, was completely depressed and had given up on school.  We had no idea where to turn for help but then we met Tamara.  Tamara not only educated me on how to assist my son but also through her years of experience with children is similar situations (and often knowing more than the education professionals) she was able to guide his team to a tailored education plan for him that worked and allowed him for the first time to learn in school.  Tamara stood by us throughout the years applying the pressure needed to get the right conditions for my son’s educational environment to be developed. My son has now learned to read, he is placed in the environment that best meets his needs and is participating in a secondary education program for job training.  No one, especially my son, believed that this was going to be possible.  We have witnessed a sad little boy turn into a young man who is hopeful about his future. We can never repay Tamara for her expertise and caring.
Robin C. (Scottsdale, AZ)

Tamara is a talented professional advocate for children with learning differences. She helped to guide us through a maze of public school requirements to ensure my son received the support he needed. She did her homework; came to meetings prepared; and helped us understand what to request. Was willing to speak up and politely challenge his teachers and the administrators to ensure our son received the support he required. My son is now a junior in one of the best high schools, and he consistently brings home A's and B's on his report card, in part due to Tamara's guidance on his IEP.
Wally G. (Phoenix, AZ)

‪For years we struggled trying to get my son’s educational needs serviced. While we opted to have him privately tested, Tamara was able to assist us in attempts to work with the school district as well as professionals to assist in testing. She provided valuable feedback as to what he needed in order to be successful and when it came down to the hard truth (he needed to change districts) she wasn’t afraid to tell us. While transitioning him to a district that would better service his needs she ensured an effective IEP was put into place. We went from a year of being tortured by a principle and emotional meltdowns to a year of almost straight A’s and actually enjoying school; it has been wonderful. The change in my son is outstanding and it was money well spent.
Shannon R. (Peoria, AZ)

Good heavens: If you want to advocate for children in an educational setting in Arizona, contact Tamara Ballou. Referring to her as tenacious is a weak adverb. She is also focused, determined, and "on it." At the same time she is a joy to watch in action. Further, I've referred parents from out of state to contact Tamara for her referral list of education advocates is long and strong
Donnalee S. (Phoenix, AZ)

Ms. Ballou is a nationally recognized, highly sought after advocate representing clients in all genres of education. She is well respected by her clients and colleagues. Ms. Ballou's foundation for advocacy lies with her extensive knowledge of the law. I have witnessed her advocacy firsthand and give my full recommendation to Ballou Education.
Kimberly S. (Surprise, AZ)

‪I have worked with Tamara Ballou, Ballou Education, on many advocacy and neuropsychological cases. Ms. Ballou is efficient and very organized. She has a grasp of her cases due to detailed records review. She advocates better than anyone I have seen because she knows the federal education laws better than the school districts do. She understands that educational advocacy is not about negotiation, but about following the law. She is brilliant at her work and I highly recommend her.
Paul B. (Scottsdale, AZ)

Tamara is extremely intelligent and knowledgeable, and is deeply motivated to obtain fantastic results for her clients. I highly recommend her advocacy services.
Joann F. (Tempe, AZ)